What's left for contractors? blog

What’s left for contractors?

The Summer Budget dealt a heavy blow for contractors who are rightly feeling pretty bruised after Wednesday’s announcements. Chancellor George Osborne seemed intent on delivering very little to inspire confidence…
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Summer Budget 2015 guides

Summer Budget 2015 Review

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Business expenses faqs

Business expenses

Every day contractors ask us questions about tax and accounts, things to do with their Limited Company, or just general business expenses questions. This is what we tell them.

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Is a limited company right for me videos

Introduction to Intouch

What do you get for your fixed monthly fee? Does it cover both personal and business needs? View our short introduction to Intouch Accounting video to explain what’s included in your accountancy fee and the level of service that you can expect from us.

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Take home pay

Enter your salary and fees billed to your client into our take home pay calculator and find out if switching to Limited Company contracting is best for you

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