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Entrepreneurs Relief

The Limited Company contractor’s guide to Entrepreneurs Relief

Entrepreneurs Relief   What is Entrepreneurs Relief (ER)? ER was created to encourage people to set up and grow their own businesses, by providing a reduced level of Capital Gains…
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Cessation of Contracting – what to do when it’s time to close your Limited Company

Cessation of Contracting   Whether you’re retiring, going back into permanent employment forever, or your circumstances change, there will potentially come a time when you will need to close your…
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The Limited Company contractor’s guide to pensions

Pensions As a Limited Company contractor you may pay into a pension in order to lower your overall tax liability, but are you aware of how the payment is made,…
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alphabet shares

What are alphabet shares and why do contractors need to be aware of them?

What are alphabet shares?   Limited Companies are traditionally formed with a nominal number of ordinary shares. As the company grows and more shareholders are added, alphabet shares are certainly…
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How do tax changes affect Umbrella workers

Post 6 April 2016: How do tax changes affect Umbrella workers?

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tax implications for contractors

Brexit: tax implications for contractors

Tax implications for contractors Seven weeks after the EU Referendum vote and there has been little clarity on what will happen, when and by whom! In fact, until Article 50…
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dormant Limited Company

What does it mean when you have a dormant Limited Company?

Dormant Limited Company Sometimes Limited Company contractors find that they suspend their contracting activities and put their companies into a dormant state. But what does this actually mean and how…
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personal service companies

Limited Company contractors using personal service companies (PSC)

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IR35 public sector consultation

5 reasons the IR35 public sector consultation is one small step for HMRC

5 reasons the IR35 public sector consultation is one small step for HMRC (One giant leap for everyone else)   A play on a famous quote from the Apollo 11…
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