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Changes to dividends

Changes to dividends – how will you be affected?

Announcements made in the Summer Budget mean that April 2016 will be an important period of change for Limited Company contractors. The current Dividend Tax Credit will be replaced with…
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fee protection service

What are the benefits of having Fee Protection Service?

In our blog last week we announced that we have enhanced our monthly service to include professional fee protection service. In this blog, Paul Mason of Abbey Tax explains the…
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Travel and Subsistence and IR35

IR35 and T&S: Proposed changes and the impact for contractors and freelancers

Earlier this week saw the closing date for responses to HMRC’s Intermediaries Legislation (IR35) discussion document and the Employment Intermediaries and Tax Relief for Travel and Subsistence consultation document. Intouch…
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fee protection service

Introducing Intouch Accounting’s new Fee Protection Service

At Intouch Accounting we pride ourselves on offering the very best service and expertise to every single client and encourage them to let us know if there’s something they need…
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Unplanned time off

How to deal with unplanned time off

Contracting for many means being able to pick and choose when and where they work. They can take time off when they like and line up work for when they’re…
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what to call your company name

Intouch’s top tips for getting your Limited Company name just right

So you’ve decided to form your own Limited Company, congratulations! Whilst it’s a fantastically exciting time full of new employment adventures and anticipation for your first few contracts, there are…
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IR35 test: Supervision, Direction or Control

There are more ways to assess IR35 than skin a cat Regular followers of the Intouch blog will by now be familiar with some of the more controversial proposals to…
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Unlimited shades of grey as HMRC closes in on IR35 abusers

As the post-Summer Budget dust starts to settle, there is a hotly debated topic still keeping contractors awake at night. Last week I started to look at the proposed changes…
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Summer Budget 2015: Changes to Dividend Taxation

Summer Budget 2015: Changes to Dividend Taxation

2015 Budget aftermath: A look at what the dividend tax change means for contractors Across the country, contractors are still reeling after the changes announced in the Summer 2015 Budget…
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What's left for contractors?

What’s left for contractors?

The Summer Budget dealt a heavy blow for contractors who are rightly feeling pretty bruised after Wednesday’s announcements. Chancellor George Osborne seemed intent on delivering very little to inspire confidence…
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