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wasting time

Four tips to help you stop wasting time on emails

Stop wasting time! In today’s tech-savvy world, you’re only ever a click away from checking your emails. You could be up the side of a mountain or deep in a…
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Humblebragging – the art of selling yourself without the big headedness

Humblebragging   Picture the scene: you’ve spotted a new contract that’s perfectly suited to your experience and skills, so much so that you could have written the contract requirements yourself.…
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IR35 status tool

Intouch reviews the Office of Tax Simplification’s response to HMRC’s proposed IR35 status tool

HMRC’s proposed IR35 status tool Last month, Intouch Accounting’s MD Paul Gough shared his thoughts on HMRC’s proposed IR35 status tool within the public sector. In this article he drew…
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Personal Savings Allowance

What every Limited Company contractor should know about the Personal Savings Allowance

Personal Savings Allowance   6 April 2016 was a big day for Limited Company contractors, with many new changes affecting their everyday professional lives. One of these changes was the…
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renting accommodation

Renting accommodation as a Limited Company contractor

Renting accommodation   Most contractors will consider renting accommodation when taking on a contract that’s some distance away from their home. Your Limited Company can always foot the bill, but…
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retrospective tax

Do you have a contractor loan as part of a tax avoidance scheme? Prepare for the new retrospective tax

Prepare for the new retrospective tax   Contractors have been expressing a dislike and unfairness for the new retrospective tax that they are to face on past loans associated with…
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Entrepreneurs Relief

The Limited Company contractor’s guide to Entrepreneurs Relief

Entrepreneurs Relief   What is Entrepreneurs Relief (ER)? ER was created to encourage people to set up and grow their own businesses, by providing a reduced level of Capital Gains…
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Cessation of Contracting – what to do when it’s time to close your Limited Company

Cessation of Contracting   Whether you’re retiring, going back into permanent employment forever, or your circumstances change, there will potentially come a time when you will need to close your…
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The Limited Company contractor’s guide to pensions

Pensions As a Limited Company contractor you may pay into a pension in order to lower your overall tax liability, but are you aware of how the payment is made,…
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alphabet shares

What are alphabet shares and why do contractors need to be aware of them?

What are alphabet shares?   Limited Companies are traditionally formed with a nominal number of ordinary shares. As the company grows and more shareholders are added, alphabet shares are certainly…
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