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benefits of contracting

What are the benefits of becoming a contractor?

Contracting benefits Often, when people say they are giving up their permanent job to become a contractor, they get a lot of funny looks from colleagues and friends who can’t…
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Be honest, which of these 5 bad contractor habits are YOU guilty of?!

Which are YOU guilty of?! For some contractors it’s easy to fall into bad habits, as working independently can mean focusing on the job in hand and putting your well being…
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strategic partnership

Intouch delighted to launch our strategic partnership with IPSE

Intouch and IPSE join forces in new strategic partnership We’re delighted to announce the launch of our strategic partnership with IPSE -  the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed.…
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Sickness and holiday pay

Sickness and holiday pay – a permie perk or open to all?

Sickness and holiday pay When contracting through your own Limited Company you’ll be aware that you’re not entitled to the same access to sickness and holiday pay as permanent employees are.…
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New Tax-Free Childcare Scheme

The New Tax-Free Childcare Scheme

The New Tax-Free Childcare Scheme - how will it help contractors?   The recent Budget revealed more details about the new Tax-Free Childcare scheme, but what does this mean for…
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New Tax Year

The new tax year – how today’s changes could impact your contracting life

The new tax year Today marks the start of the new tax year, that will bring changes which could affect many contractors’ take home pay. In this blog we outline…
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break through your slump

Break through your slump!

Break through your slump with Intouch’s top tips to re-motivate yourself when contracting Waning motivation can be deadly, especially when you feel like every step you take is getting you stuck…
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Budget for the future

Where does the ‘Budget for the future’ leave contractors now?

The Budget for the future? It was billed as the Budget for the next generation, promising to offer long-term solutions to long-term problems. But what do Osborne’s plans mean specifically…
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Contractors urge Osborne to keep his focus in this week’s Budget

This week's Budget The pre-Budget media train has been in full motion over the weekend with genuine personal service companies (PSCs) all being wrongly tarred with the same tax avoiders…
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dividend changes

Dividend changes are coming… prepared!

Dividend changes are coming For Limited Company contractors, it’s all change with dividends come April 6. The need to gross up a dividend will be withdrawn, meaning the amount you…
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