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Contracting in it’s simplest form

Here at Intouch Accounting we understand that the world of contracting can sometimes be a confusing place. What with the decision to Brexit, uncertainty in the public sector and impending IR35 consultation, it can be hard to know whether there’s a place for Limited Company contractors in today’s professional marketplace.


But fear not! Intouch Accounting are here to guide you at every step of the way. Whether you’re already with an accountant but feel you're not receiving the service you deserve, with an Umbrella company and want to know how to get more from contracting, or are in permanent employment and looking to take the leap.

Our expert team are ready to advise you, whatever stage of contracting you’re at.

Top of the class

Learn your ABCs and contract with confidence. Following these tips will make you realise how good contracting can be for you.

Top of the class 2

Contractor Accountants will always tell you that working through a Personal Service Company (PSC) is advantageous. Too often they focus only on the tax savings. At Intouch we want our clients to enjoy all the tax savings - plus so much more. Many of you already know the real benefits of flexible working but here is a summarised list of what can be achieved. Contracting is a way of life not tax avoidance and hopefully one day HMRC will understand.


Until then maximise the efficiency of your company, save for your future and contract with confidence. There is something here for newbies and seasoned contractors. Ask us if these advantages can apply to you, as some will, whilst others won't.


Let us help you - simply contact our team of expert advisers, who will be happy to talk through your circumstances.


Download our free contractors’ alphabet glossary now.

Many thanks to my Client Manager, Louisa for her detailed explanation... I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks for all her support and guidance throughout the last year.
Ayache Khettar - Zotix Consulting Ltd,