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This tool provides an indication of the benefits of trading through a ltd company:

  • Your social time is one of the most valuable assets you have, spend it wisely
  • You can rely on our experience to protect you, enjoy our service
  • We deal with the taxman everyday so you don't have to

What are your current fees?

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Annual cost for all accounting, company tax and payroll:


Annual cost for all personal tax advice & your tax return:


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How much work do you have to do?

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How many hours per year do you spend doing your accounts, taxes, administration and filing?


How much is this time worth to you per hour?


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As a monthly client of Intouch you could be better off by:


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What you currently pay in fees seems great value...

Switching to the Intouch monthly service for your limited company may not save you any cash, but it could save you time:

  • With a personal advisor giving unlimited advice
  • Our job is to protect you
  • We guide you through all you need to do

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