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Our vision is to deliver excellent service, through excellent people.

Our Company

We have been championing the cause of UK Limited Company contractors and freelancers since we were established in 2010.

Since founding the Company in 2010 Paul Gough has been joined at board level by Alec Cormack and Duncan Strike each of whom have a wealth of essential skills. Their mix of specialist accountancy, IT and contracting skills are the basis on which Intouch was founded and have shaped both the service we provide and the technology we use to deliver it. Our ambition has always been to deliver excellent service, through excellent people, and we have built a fantastic team of people chosen for their natural talent, affinity with our values and ambition.

We want to help every contractor in the UK maximize their income and contract with confidence, rather than constant worry about whether they are going to miss HMRC deadlines, incur fines or miss an important piece of the new budget statement. With this in mind, we have invested heavily in developing our bespoke technology and we hire experienced accountants, tax advisers and assistants who we train to become personal accountants with a deep knowledge of this niche area of accountancy.

Meet the Directors

Paul Gough
Managing Director
Alec Cormack
IT Director
Duncan Strike

Meet the Personal Accountants

  • Claire Balston
    Personal Accountant
  • Ricky Whitfield
    Personal Accountant
  • Frances Bridge
    Personal Accountant
  • Charlotte Daniels
    Personal Accountant
  • Katherine Bagnall
    Senior Client Manager
  • Daniel Matthews
    Assistant Client Manager
  • Chris Deakin
    Senior Client Manager
  • Neil Kellaway
    Senior Client Manager
  • Patrick Gribben
    Head of Client Services
  • Charley Godfrey
    Assistant Client Manager

Our Story

We’ve enjoyed fantastic growth since Intouch was started in 2010, and now help over 2000 contractors efficiently and easily manage their limited company accounts.

We believe that contractors and freelancers are the lifeblood for the UK’s economic growth. We have enjoyed steady year on year growth since we began, and we believe the market for contractors is set for explosion, with many of the newest disruptive start ups relying almost exclusively on a contractor and freelance workforce. Estimates are that Britain’s professional Umbrella workers and Limited Company contractors contribute over £25bn to UK GDP.

We believe that the more our contractors are able to focus on what they are good at, the more successful the UK will be, and we want to help that happen. Our values are: bold, trusted, wise and connected and our principal value is clarity. We try to live and breathe these values in everything we do – whether that’s talking to each other, our clients, or contributing to HMRC discussion and consultation documents.

Employer of Choice

Delivering excellent service through excellent people is our highest priority. We want to work with people who believe in themselves and want to be part of our amazing journey.

Our mission is to enable Intouch staff to perform their jobs to the best of their ability and create an environment that they want to be part of every day. We pride ourselves on the continuous learning and development our staff undergo both internally and externally.


Are you great with people and willing to surpass the expected to ensure your clients are happy? If so, you might have what it takes to be part of our team. Click below to see our current vacancies: