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Do you ever get the feeling that you’re not getting the results you deserve, for the effort you’re put in? Are you taking home bronze or silver, when it really should be gold?

Whether you are currently in permanent employment or going it alone as a contractor, you’ll no doubt be looking for ways in which to maximise your take home pay.

But how do you take home the gold?

Here at Intouch Accounting we enable Limited Company contractors to do just that – take home what’s rightfully theirs.


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Maximise your take home pay

Take home gold today


Our latest ebullets on maximising your take home pay include essential hints and tips on how to take home what’s rightfully yours.

In these ebullets we cover:

- why your take home pay could be greater as a Limited Company contractor

- expenses – how to take home more by making use of the range of claimable expenses

- why the right accountancy relationship will mean more money in your pocket

Ready to calculate your Limited Company contractor take home pay? Use our free calculator today:

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Many thanks to my Client Manager, Louisa for her detailed explanation... I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks for all her support and guidance throughout the last year.
Ayache Khettar - Zotix Consulting Ltd,