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IR35 Support

Intouch IR35 support – all part of the service

With IR35 now in effect we’re here to help ensure that you and your hirer continue to work together compliantly and in a way that supports your working arrangements

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What is IR35?

IR35 is tax legislation introduced to combat tax avoidance by workers supplying their services to clients/hirers via an intermediary, such as a limited company, or in contracting terms a ‘Personal Services Company’ (PSC), who would otherwise be an employee. HMRC refers to these individuals as “disguised employees”.

If ‘inside’ IR35, you’re considered a permanent employee and will be taxed as such, either via payroll or an Umbrella Company. If ‘outside’ the legislation, you’re considered to be self-employed and will be entitled to structure your remuneration so as to benefit from the lower rates of tax that apply to dividend income.

Trading as a Limited Company and working outside of IR35 can result in higher take-home pay than PAYE or an Umbrella Company agreement, which is why so many contractors prefer to work this way.

Who decides on IR35 status?

In both the Public and Private Sector, the end hirer is responsible for assessing a contractor’s IR35 status and bears the tax risk if they get it wrong.

It’s important for businesses to take this process seriously as if not it could lead to a major talent drain and projects put at risk. It’s essential that hirers have the correct processes and procedures in place and if they are unsure, seek expert advice so as to retain their valuable contractor resources.

Services designed with your future in mind – whatever direction IR35 takes


Unlimited IR35 reviews

  • Contract and working practices covered
  • Practical end-hirer ready output

We understand that IR35 status is a big concern for contractors, with the decision-making power now with the hirer. A move to PAYE or Umbrella could see a drop of 20-25% in your take-home pay. So, at Intouch, we offer unlimited IR35 Contract and Working Practices reviews with practical reports and advice to help you take control.

Although the final decision is out of your hands, you’ll get advice on your contract and working practices in a format that you can easily use for discussion with your hirer. We can even offer legal support to hirers who are struggling to apply the ‘reasonable care’ that’s expected of them by HMRC.


Switch between Limited and Umbrella

  • Minimum disruption – just one call
  • Finances kept up to date and in one place

If you find yourself temporarily needing to work on a PAYE basis, one of the ways of doing so is through an Umbrella Company – or ‘Professional Employer Organisation’ as they are also referred to (especially in the US). An Umbrella Company effectively creates an overarching contract between you and the hirer and deals with your admin, tax and payroll. The hirer pays your Umbrella Company who deducts their fee, National Insurance and income tax and passes what’s left on to you. You’re effectively taxed as an employee.

Depending on their contracts, Contractors may find themselves needing the flexibility to switch between their Limited Company and an Umbrella Company and back again at short notice.

Our Flex service gives you the safety net to switch between your Limited Company and an Umbrella Company (if required) with minimum disruption. Flex will keep the daily tasks of your Limited Company active while you use Intouch Umbrella (powered by Brookson). You’ll still have visibility of your finances in the Intouch portal and a direct line to your Personal Accountant. When it’s time to switch back to your company, just let us know – everything will be up to date and waiting for you.


IR35 specialist law firm support

  • Advising end hirers to mitigate 2021 impact
  • Keeping you up to date with legislation

We’re supported by our group company Brookson Legal – the only SRA regulated law firm that focuses on IR35 for agencies and end hirers. They have been advising on IR35 since its introduction in April 2000 and members of their team have sat on HMRC’s IR35 Forum.

Having advised Public Sector clients on the IR35 changes introduced in 2017 and the same for Private Sector business as of April 2021. With their support, we’re actively engaging with agencies and end hirers to ensure that the rules are applied properly and the impact upon contractors is mitigated.

At Intouch, we’re committed to keeping our clients up to date with legislative changes as they develop, while proactively creating services to help protect and support our contractor clients in practical ways. Our relationship with Brookson Legal means that we can always be on the front foot with these developments so you know you’re in safe hands.

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