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Flex – The IR35 Solution for Contractors 

Many contractors now find themselves confused in relation to their IR35 status. This is due to receiving conflicting information from their Hirer in comparison to their own views on their tax status. With the changes to the IR35 legislation now delayed until 2021, it’s even more important you appoint a Specialist Contractor Accountant with expert knowledge. At Intouch, we understand that this is a specialist subject, with very real risks, and we want to ensure that contractors are prepared, protected and working compliantly, no matter their situation. That’s why we created Flex – our IR35 solution for contractors.  

What is Flex? 

Flexformally FreeFlex, is a flexible way for contractors to switch easily between Limited and Umbrella working as and when needed. This means that you can continue to work your current contract through our Umbrella Solution (powered by Brookson) and switch back to Limited when you start your next PSC contract – it’s that simple! What’s more, our Flex solution is no additional cost. You can switch between and utilise both Limited Company service and our Umbrella PAYE Solution for the same cost as our Limited Service fee.  

Whether you’ve received an SDS and are needing to utilise an Umbrella Solution now, or wanting to protect yourself for future SDS outcomes, Flex is the perfect solution. It’s vital that with the postponed IR35 change date, you continue to work compliantly as a contractor. At Intouch, we’re here to offer you clarityprotection and support when it comes to all things IR35. 

Key Benefits

IR35 made easy

  Switch easily between Limited & Umbrella working 

One fee for two solutions

  Same Limited service fee for both solutions – Limited and Umbrella PAYE Solution 

Hassle free

   Minimal setup required to start utilising Flex 

Keep Limited benefits

Retain your named accountant & other key benefits 

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