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6 April is almost here, are you ready?

With tax yearend fast approaching, has your tax liability planning got you in the best possible shape for 6 April? Intouch Accounting are here to help you get the most from your take home pay, by advising you on compliant tips for reducing your tax bill.


It can be a confusing time, with major changes to dividends, expenses and what's to come for Umbrella companies. That's why we've created six bite-sized eBullets, to help you understand what you need to be doing now to get yourself in the best possible shape for April.

Maximise your take home pay by minimising the amount of tax you pay

Click on a box below for 6 ways to prepare for April.

Picture6Tax yearend means taking stock of your overall tax liabilities, looking to ways in which you can reduce your tax bill and any new changes that will affect you.


So how can you prepare? Here at Intouch Accounting we've created six bite-sized eBullets on the main areas every contractor should be aware of, to help you prepare for tax yearend.


Download them today and start getting into shape!

Advice at your fingertips

With Intouch's all inclusive service

Like this kind of advice, and need personalised information that's tailored to you individual circumstances? At Intouch our Personal Accountants are here to advise you on how to reduce your tax bill in time for April.


Considering switching? We're offering 25% off switcher fees, so use or calculator to see how little it could cost you to switch. Or if you'd prefer to speak to an adviser, simply call us on 01202 901 951 or email us.

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