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Integrate your preferred technology

At Intouch, our accounting software comes free as part of the Core service but if you’re already happy using FreeAgent or Xero, we’re integrated with them and ready to work with you; it’s called Intouch Connect. By paying your subscription through us, you may even save money on your subscription as we pass on our bulk discounts to you.

Don’t have a preferred software solution? You’re in good hands with us. The Intouch cloud-based portal comes free as part of our core package and is custom built specifically for contractors so we know it covers all bases. You can quickly and easily keep your accounting information up to date and view real time reports. We keep it as simple as we can, while making sure we gather sufficient information, to give you informed and proactive advice on making the most from your Limited Company.

Ready to discuss which accounting software is right for you? Speak to our team today and match your preferred software solution with our award winning service. You can add Connect to the Intouch Core service from just £15+VAT extra per month.

How does it work?

Choose a solution that works for you


Just let us know that you want to add the Intouch Connect service to our core package and we will integrate a subscription for your chosen software with our systems.

You’ll be able to carry on using your preferred technology and we’ll give you the same expert accounting advice that our clients have come to expect from Intouch. It’s that simple. Through us, you'll pay £15 for a monthly FreeAgent subscription or from £22 for Xero.


I wanted to say a massive thank you for all the help you've given me this year. You have shown great patience and professionalism in dealing with a newbie as it were.
Paul Davies - Sunny Robot Limited,