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If you’re committed to contracting find out why you’d be much better off with a Limited Company.

Times are good in the IT contractor market. Really, really good. IT contractor vacancies have increased across the UK by 65% in so-called ‘Tech Cities’. With tech hubs growing at a pace and businesses placing more and more emphasis on tightening their technological operations it seems now is the perfect time for IT contractors to reap the benefits from the demand for their skills.

With the need for specialist IT Limited Company contractors set to continue to increase for the foreseeable future, it’s time you took home more of your hard-earned pay. Setting up a Limited Company may just be what you need. We’ll get you set up for free within 24 hours and give you your first month free if you join Intouch by the 19th of June 2015 – call 01202 912464 and quote ITM05.

If your day rate is £400 you could take home an extra c£12,000 per year as a Limited Company contractor. Use our calculator and see for yourself.

Now is a very good time to set up a Limited Company – call 01202 912464 to get started today. Quote ITM05 to get your first month FREE if you sign up by 19th June 2015.

Make the right decision from the outset.Watch our short video to help you evaluate the differences and the similarities between the two choices and pick the one that best suits your ambition. Contact us and we’ll help you work through your options. Call 01202 912464 and quote ITM05 to claim your first month of accountancy services FREE!

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Contractor DNA survey

Tell us what you think and win cash vouchers 

What makes you tick? Reveal your DNA! Intouch is conducting a survey to get to the heart of successful contractors. We’d love to hear your views on why you chose contracting (or did it choose you?); the ups and downs of not being a permanent employee; and who you turn to for help. Every completed survey will be entered into a draw for a chance to win Amazon vouchers.

Whether you’re an Umbrella worker, already have a Limited Company or are a freelancer, we’d love to hear from you.

Why is Limited better?

Download our guide for all the information and guidance you'll need

If you’re planning on contracting for the long-term and earn upwards of £30,000 per annum, it makes sense to go Limited. The tax benefits alone make it worthwhile, not to mention the positive external perceptions of running a Limited Company, which make it more likely to help you secure future work as many businesses will only deal with Limited Companies. Government are increasingly scrutinising the way Umbrella companies operate and a further clamp down on travel and subsistence claims is looking inevitable. This means what once was a perk of Umbrella workers will disappear.

Download the guide for a more comprehensive look at your options and things you should consider.

Is now the right time?

The signs are positive that the time really is right for people to go it alone and fulfil their ambition to contract. The growth and development in technology is making it easier for people to get set-up from home and the forward thinking business models being used increasingly make it easier for contractors to be engaged directly. The increase in jobs created since 2010 have made more opportunities for contractors and the self-employed and now we’re through the election period, the Tories can get on with delivering their April Budget promises, which include changes in the tax system to support the self-employed; clamping down on late payment offenders; initiatives to help people setting up their business, such as start up loans; and the removal of needless regulations designed for larger businesses. Only time will tell how this plays out but the Prime Minister has been clear he wants to lead a “business-friendly government…that does everything it can to back enterprise”.

So if you’ve been waiting until after the election to make any firm plans, now’s the time to make the move. Join Intouch by 19th June 2015 and we’ll set your company up for free and give you the first month of accountancy FREE! Call 01202 912464 and quote ITM05.

Increase your take home pay without having to work more hours!

Premium rates deserve a Limited Company

IT contractors with the right skills are commanding premium day rates of around £400-£500 throughout the UK. In fact, the average IT salary rose by 3% between January and March 2015. As companies are again turning their attention to business growth (without necessarily growing their permanent headcount) it’s time to take advantage of the good times.

Many thanks to my Client Manager, Louisa for her detailed explanation... I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks for all her support and guidance throughout the last year.
Ayache Khettar - Zotix Consulting Ltd,