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Increased flexibility, the ability to earn more compared to permanent employment and the freedom to work when, where and for whom you choose, are just some of the reasons you may love contracting.

So what you need is a contractor accountant to help you keep on loving those things.

From ensuring you're making your money work as hard as possible, to making the most of tax advantages, your accountant should be championing your corner, helping you achieve your goals.

Ready to find out how Intouch do this every day, for contractors just like you? Get in touch today.

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Ever wondered how much your contractor colleagues earn, whether they're happy Limited or using an Umbrella company, or even which services they consider essential in order to contract successfully?


In our latest contractor survey, we aim to uncover exactly what both you and your contractor colleagues love, hate and need from your suppliers, to help you achieve contracting greatness.


Are there any services you use that you can't live without? Or are there things about your supplier you really wish you could change? Tell us for your chance to win!



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I will refer you folk in a heartbeat. You do a brilliant job and allow me to focus on my work.
Alex Paton – Ctrl Cee Limited,