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Intouch Accounting celebrates Britain's Limited Company contractors

Did you know that as a contractor, you and your colleagues contribute over £25 billion to the UK economy? The UK's workforce could not operate without your skills and expertise, so it's time contractors were celebrated.

But whilst you're keeping business going, who's looking out for you?

At Intouch Accounting our clients' professional needs and requirements are always put first, meaning that whilst we're looking out for your best interests, you are free to get on with what you do best. We provide you with the perfect partnership.

Take a look at our all-inclusive monthly service.

You + Intouch Accounting = the perfect partnership

This is what you should know NOW

fcAt Intouch Accounting we pride ourselves on providing contractors with invaluable information, advice and guidance which you should know - regardless of whether you are a client of ours or not.


It doesn't matter whether you're new to contracting or have been doing it a while, now is always a good time to check you're set up correctly. That's why this month we've created an ebrief that gives your accounts a health check-up, with expert advice from our team of Personal Accountants.


Our free ebrief covers:

  • How to get the most out of the tax year
  • Dividends
  • Child benefit
  • Your tax code
  • Personal Tax Return tips
  • Capital Gains Tax allowance

....and so much more!

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Save 25%

Save 25% sign up to our monthly service

25% discount on catch up fees

In some cases our catch up fees are already discounted to £Nil, but even when you are behind with your accounts we are offering an additional discount of 25% to nudge you across the line if you sign up to our monthly service by 30 June 2017. Call us now to see if you can switch to Intouch for free, make substantial savings and stop paying your existing adviser immediately.

Save £126

with a free incorporation

Free Limited Company setup

Sign up to the Intouch monthly service before 31 December 2017 and we will incorporate your new company and register it for free within 24 hours. Normal price is £105 + VAT so apply now and save £126! Call now and start contracting.

Many thanks to my Client Manager, Louisa for her detailed explanation... I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks for all her support and guidance throughout the last year.
Ayache Khettar - Zotix Consulting Ltd,