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Break through your slump!

Posted by: Intouch | 06.05.16

Intouch Accounting

Break through your slump with Intouch’s top tips to re-motivate yourself when contracting

Waning motivation can be deadly, especially when you feel like every step you take is getting you stuck further in the mud.  According to experts, motivation is the most significant predictor of success. So what can you do to get yours back? Here we share our top five tips to help you get out of a slump and fall in love with contracting again.


1. Find out what’s at the root of your slump – is something leaving you feeling drained; are you eating right, getting plenty of exercise, or maybe even enough vitamin D? Why not change your diet, take up a new exercise class or go for a walk in the fresh air for half an hour each day? Or maybe it’s a particular client that’s difficult to work with, or you’re in the middle of a challenging contract? Whatever it may be, identify the source to understand what’s causing your slump.

2. Get away from it all – a change of scenery or new adventure is good for the soul, as well as the mind and body. Maybe you’ve been working too hard or focusing your mind on professional problems, when what you really need is a rest. Book a holiday – it doesn’t need to be abroad, just getting away from home for a few nights can be just as beneficial. Wellbeing retreats are a popular way to recharge your batteries too.

3. Take some “me time”- each evening or for a couple of hours over the weekend take time to unplug yourself from everyday life. Switch off your phone, leave facebook and your email inbox alone and enjoy the simple things in life, without the need to feel connected all the time.

4. Treat yourself to a new experience – it doesn’t have to cost lots of money (or any at all!) Why not create a bucket list and start to work your way through it?

5. Discover what personal development means to you – as a successful contractor you will already have got it nailed when it comes to professional development, but what about personal? If it’s having a knock-on effect to your professional life, then it’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate.


Happiness is being the master of your own personal and professional destiny.  Remember the days when you had to move to the beat of someone else’s drum? You probably had to work eight hour days (or worse, even longer) for little professional recognition or progression. You went into contracting for a reason, so don’t forget it!


And should you ever feel like you’re headed towards a slump, run through our top five tips to help you remember why contracting is so fantastic!


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