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Financial Services for Contractors

Posted by: Zoe Brandt | 01.10.18

Planning your personal finances as a contractor

Contracting offers many opportunities in terms of earnings potential and flexibility but also potential financial pitfalls. You’ll no longer have access to a company employee benefits package and optimising your earnings and savings can be more complex when you’re a contractor. When it comes to mortgages, you won’t necessarily ‘fit’ the lenders’ standard criteria which can make it hard to find a good deal.

It’s important to take specialist advice on how to manage and plan your personal finances as well as those of your business. Once your accountant has advised you on how to take the most tax-efficient blend of salary and dividends out of your company, how do you make the most of your ‘personal’ money? Most contractor accountants will advise you to speak to a financial advisor, but some, like Intouch can offer a specialist service to their contracting clients

Intouch clients get all the financial support they need to overcome the specific challenges facing contractors. That’s because as part of the wider Brookson Group, we offer our clients access to expert financial advice and products that have been designed with the contractor in mind.


Specialist contractor financial advice

Brookson Financial have been offering expert advice and support for contractors and self-employed professionals for over 20 years, developing a deep understanding of how independent professionals work and what their financial needs are.

They are a specialist team of Financial Advisers that pride themselves in understanding the unique opportunities and challenges self-employment brings. As an Intouch client, you are able to access this specially designed range of contractor financial advice and services:

  • Competitive, contractor-specific mortgages
  • Pension advice
  • ISAs
  • Retirement Advice & Review
  • Investment & Saving
  • Retirement Forecasting and Planning
  • Illness & Life Cover
  • Business Insurance

Free Financial Health Check

The foundation of sound advice is a clear picture of your personal and corporate position combined with an understanding of your short, medium and long-term objectives. That’s why every Intouch client is entitled to a free Financial Health Check. Following a short phone call, you’ll receive a personalised report covering your current and future financial well-being and highlighting any areas of need.

Join Intouch Accounting, get so much more

Whether you’re looking to switch accountants or just starting out in contracting, with Intouch you get everything you need to run your Limited Company from an accounting and tax point of view for a fixed monthly fee. Your dedicated Contractor Accountant will handle everything for you, helping to maximise your income, while staying on the right side of the tax man. With unlimited IR35 advice and reviews and of cours access to contractor-specific financial services products, you’ll have everything you need for your contracting life.

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