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Contractor’s house of horrors

Posted by: Intouch | 30.10.15

Intouch Accounting

Don’t let the house of horrors spook you!

Forget The Shining, American Psycho or The Exorcist, sometimes the worries that contracting can cause can be far scarier! But fear not, Intouch Accounting are here to help guide you through each and every process, without the sleepless nights, or worrying if the Taxman is hiding under your bed…


Let’s take a look at some of the main concerns Limited Company contractors have and see why they’re not so scary after all:



Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or just starting out, IR35 should always be a consideration when starting a new contract. Whilst you should never let it stop you from contracting, it is something you need to understand and have respect for. Our clients don’t need to worry, as our monthly all inclusive service fee of £98 +VAT includes unlimited IR35 contract risk assessments.


Don’t let the fear of ‘what if’ stop you from contracting! In our ebrief: IR35 – the proposed changes we outline exactly what IR35 is, how it could affect you and the proposed changes for April 2016.


Claiming expenses

Do you worry about claiming for business expenses, for fear of not remaining compliant? Or do you hold back from purchasing equipment that you need for business, in case you can’t claim for it? Your contractor accountant will be able to give you advice on what you can and can’t claim. Intouch clients can ask their Personal Accountant about claiming expenses whenever they wish.


The ways in which you can claim for expenses will change in April 2016. Don’t wait until then; download our ebrief to get up to speed now.


HMRC Investigations

Probably one of the scariest things a contractor can face is a dreaded letter from HMRC announcing an investigation! You’re bound to feel some apprehension if you do receive one.


Intouch clients can stay cool as a cucumber, as professional fee protection service is included within their monthly fee. That means that if HMRC do decide to investigate them, they’re covered for up to £75,000 of accountancy fees per claim and don’t have to worry about the time or money it will cost. They simply forward their letter onto their Personal Accountant and they will do the rest! Wondering what the other benefits of fee protection service are and why you need it? Take a look at our blog.


Travel and Subsistence (T&S)

You’re probably going to have to travel to your client’s offices and that costs money. And what about the other possible expenses you’ll incur, like hotel rooms or food? These worries could put you off taking a contract, especially if you think it’s going to cost you an arm and leg.


Don’t panic! Whilst T&S can be a complex area to get your head around, your Personal Accountant will be able to guide you on what you can claim and the best way to do so. Like expenses, the way in which you can claim for T&S will change in April 2016. Take a look at our ebrief to get up to speed with the proposals HMRC are suggesting.


Just Starting Out

Considering contracting or have just started out and worried about what’s lurking behind every corner? We appreciate how daunting it can be when you’re new to the contracting game, but by having the right support behind you it can turn from a nightmare into a dream.


Why not take a look at the Contractor UK Forum, where you can ask other like-minded contractors questions and get a feel for what it’s like when contracting. If there are other topics you’ve heard of and want to find out more, or simply want access to a whole host of contractor resources, take a look around our website for useful videos and blogs.


Don’t let the thought of contracting spook you! Intouch Accounting are here to help you on your journey, by ensuring that you are able to face each challenge confidently and compliantly. Give our team a call on 01202 375 562 to discuss any aspect of contracting and to get you started.


This blog has been prepared by Intouch Accounting. While we have made every attempt to ensure that the information contained in this blog has been obtained from reliable sources, Intouch is not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained from the use of this information. This blog should not be used as a substitute for consultation with professional accounting advisers. If you have any specific queries, please contact Intouch Accounting.