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If you contract from home, you’ll want to read this…

Posted by: Intouch | 25.10.16

Intouch Accounting

6 ways to beat loneliness when working alone

Contracting from home can be great; you get to design your perfect working space, what radio station you listen to and enjoy endless cups of tea whilst wearing your slippers (should you wish to). But whilst it can sound like the perfect working environment for many, loneliness can creep in – especially if you have minimal client contact and few other contracting colleagues to talk to.


Even introverts can feel lonely, so if you enjoy working alone and think this blog isn’t for you – read on anyway. You might just discover a new tip that will improve your productivity when contracting from home.


1.What fuels your professional fire?

It could be an early morning 5K before breakfast, a lunchtime catch up with an old friend, or even jumping on the contracting forums to share your thoughts on what’s currently affecting the contracting community.


Whatever it may be, ensure you have a few options that you can call on when you feel your fire burning low. Your professional productivity will thank you!


2. Speak to your suppliers

Your Personal Accountant isn’t just there to answer your accountancy and tax questions, they can also give you advice on all the areas that surround self employment. The same can be said for your business insurance provider or financial adviser for example, should you enlist their services.


They speak to individuals just like you every day about a whole host of topics, so why not give them a call? Or better yet, schedule a monthly call with them to discuss your career and how they can help you achieve your goals for the month. They may have just launched a new product or service that could make your contracting life easier.


3. Ban your home office as your meeting location

It’s all too easy to update your client from the comfort of your home office, or liaise with prospective clients from behind your computer screen. But doing it too often can lead to feelings of isolation, which isn’t good for you or your client.


Remember the good old days when people actually enjoyed meeting face-to-face? Why not bring it back! The next time you have a planned meeting, go to your client or prospective client’s office and actually meet with them. Not only will they get to see who you are as an individual and get a taste for your personality, you’ll also have more of a sense of purpose by actually getting ready and leaving your home office.


And remember, as a Limited Company contractor you can claim your travel and subsistence expenses, so there really is no excuse not to!


4. The legend of the invisible contractor

As a group of professionals, the UK’s micro business community (those with 1-9 employees) currently stands at an impressive 5.25 million*, so as a Limited Company contractor you are certainly not alone.


Whilst you may feel as though your contribution to the UK’s economy as a one-person band is minimal, collectively you’re a force to be reckoned with! So why not reach out to your contracting colleagues to find out their thoughts on being a contractor, what trends they’re seeing for desirable skills or even if they have any contacts that could be of use to you? With such a large community, there’s no reason to feel alone.


5. Be strict with your time

As a contractor your time is just that, yours – so ensure your work does not encroach on your personal life. After a hard day of working it’s too easy to swap plans with friends or family for a quiet night in. Once in a while it is a great way to recharge your batteries, but do it too often and you’ll cut yourself off.


Set yourself a daily schedule, stick to it and don’t let work be the reason why your personal life is put on hold.


6. Get moving

A little exercise now and then is the perfect way to blast away any loneliness. Was there a sport you loved to do as a child that you’d like to try as an adult, or local sports team whose social events sound as much fun as the actual sport itself?


Healthy body = healthy mind, so get out there and start having some fun!


Final thoughts

It can be tempting and easy to fall into the trap of becoming a lone wolf, so ensure you have a personal plan that works for you to help banish those entrepreneur blues.


And remember, your career is something you love so tailor it to suit you. Don’t let loneliness stop you from reaching contracting greatness!


*The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy


This blog has been prepared by Intouch Accounting. While we have made every attempt to ensure that the information contained in this blog has been obtained from reliable sources, Intouch is not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained from the use of this information. This blog should not be used as a substitute for consultation with professional accounting advisers. If you have any specific queries, please contact Intouch Accounting.