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Introducing Intouch Accounting’s new Fee Protection Service

Posted by: Intouch | 01.10.15

Intouch Accounting

Fee Protection Service

At Intouch Accounting we pride ourselves on offering the very best service and expertise to every single client and encourage them to let us know if there’s something they need in order to help them contract successfully.


Over the past twelve months our Personal Accountants have seen an increase in the number of clients expressing their concerns about the risk of being investigated by HMRC. Whilst we currently offer IR35 contract risk assessments as part of our monthly service, we could clearly see that our clients’ fresh concerns required extra protection and reassurance.


That is why we are pleased to announce that we are now including within our monthly all inclusive fee of £98 +VAT a fee protection service that will protect you against unwelcome additional costs should an HMRC enquiry be raised relating to your Limited Company.


Why do you need this service as a contractor?

HMRC collected over £26.6bn from compliance activity in 2014/15 and in the July Budget £800m was allocated to continue this work, with a view of delivering an extra £5bn a year. It’s anticipated that these increased targets will trigger a significant rise in the levels of enquiries over the next two years. These can be lengthy in duration and expensive to fund on your own, even though there may be nothing found to be wrong.


Many other contractor accountants would charge extra for this service, as HMRC investigations can quickly become very expensive and time consuming. But we believe in offering one fixed price service that includes everything you need to contract with confidence. So why not opt for a contractor accountant that offers what you need, without any nasty surprises.


What’s included and how does it work?

On top of what’s already included in our comprehensive monthly service, you’ll also receive:


  • all the assistance you require to deal with any HMRC enquiries or investigation, no matter how detailed
  • unlimited access to a business legal helpline that offers 24 hour, 365 days a year advisory lines covering all aspects of commercial, employment, health and safety and business legal matters
  • payment of up to £75,000 in professional defence fees in the event of a tax enquiry.


We firmly believe this protection is essential to contractors and we want everyone to benefit from it should HMRC come knocking.


If you have any questions relating to the new fee protection service offering inclusion within our all inclusive monthly fee of £98+VAT, please do speak to one of our advisers on 01202 912 831.

Our next blog will look more in depth at the benefits of having fee protection service.


This blog has been prepared by Intouch Accounting. While we have made every attempt to ensure that the information contained in this blog has been obtained from reliable sources, Intouch is not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained from the use of this information. This blog should not be used as a substitute for consultation with professional accounting advisers. If you have any specific queries, please contact Intouch Accounting.