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Switch from an Umbrella Company

Posted by: Intouch | 19.11.12

Intouch Accounting

Switch from an Umbrella Company

It’s simple to switch from an Umbrella company.

If you are looking for flexibility, permanence and more take home pay then perhaps switching from an Umbrella company to a Limited Company is right for you?

Using an Umbrella company suits many contractors and freelancers when they first start out as it takes away the administrative hassle, however there are draw backs! An Umbrella company will charge a fixed fee for their service and you will effectively be employed by the Umbrella Company.

If the time has come where you are now comfortable with contracting, want to become more independent and receive more take home pay then switching to a Limited Company makes sense.

Intouch contractor accounting provides a simple, cost effective and stress free service for freelancers and contractors who want to switch from an Umbrella company to a Limited Company.  Helpful hints and top tips are available on the Intouch website about switching from an Umbrella company or our contractor accountants can guide you by answering your questions and even answer some of those you may not know to ask.

It really is very simple to switch! So isn’t it time you made the most of all the opportunities available to you as a contractor?


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