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The nomadic contractor – working on the move

Posted by: Intouch | 09.05.16

Intouch Accounting

The nomadic contractor

A particular benefit of contracting is that it’s not usually location dependent. So if you have to travel during a contract, with good communication and planning, it’s possible to get the work completed whilst on the move.


Here are some ideas to help you be as productive (if not more so) when travelling and contracting.


Have the right equipment to do the job


We all want to travel light and with today’s technology you don’t need to carry a laptop. A smartphone and tablet may be adequate, especially if you invest in a gadget like the ZAGG Pocket Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard.


Worried about power on the go? Two USB ports mean the Go Travel Worldwide USB adaptor can charge multiple devices at the same time in 150 countries.


Need internet access wherever you are? Download the WiFi Finder app which searches for nearby paid and free wifi hotspots, saving excessive data charges.


Avoid data loss disasters by saving all work in the cloud and protect your equipment with high-quality cases like those from Tech21.


But what if you lose your bags and equipment? Prevent disastrous luggage loss using Eviate – tracks your bag and alerts you if it goes astray.


Plan your working time as well as your down time


If you can, try to stick to your usual working hours when travelling. For distraction free working on the go, make sure you pack noise reduction headphones. If your mode of transport does not have internet access or phone signal it can be a great place to get your head down for a few hours and get that report or project completed.


On long car journeys, use the time to make hands-free phone calls.


You may be in idyllic surroundings but remember you’re not on holiday! Go exploring only when the work is done.


Remember when your client is awake!


Don’t lose sight of when your client is awake/asleep/when deadlines are, as undoubtedly their time zone will not be the same as yours. Try an app like World Time Buddy to help keep track of when they’re doing business.


Other apps that can help


Tripit – lets you create your travel itinerary and share it with your client, so they know where you are and when to expect you back.


Remote OK – can find your next contractor job, regardless of where you’re currently based. So if you’re finding it tough to leave that desert island, there’s now a way keep your contractor pay coming in whilst your toes are in the sand.


Speedlancer – can turn a travel delay into a nice little earner. Work remotely on jobs that are guaranteed to take no longer than four hours and get paid for them the same day.


Choose your communication methods


How will you stay in touch with your clients?


Video chat apps include Skype, Facetime, Viber, to name but a few, but for business travel, try Peer. The app syncs with LinkedIn so professionals can have a face-to-face way to communicate and connect with each other.
We’ve given you some ideas on how to continue working on a contract whilst travelling.


Have you got any tips you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them…


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