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Taylor Review

Taylor Review could mean more rights for gig-economy workers

The Taylor Review, a major report on the UK's working practices, has been published.   Produced by a panel led by Matthew Taylor, a former adviser to Tony Blair, the…
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Accounting software – Great up to a point, but then let people take over

For many years some specialist contractor accountants have developed their own technology solutions to help clients provide data in a format that would enable those providers to deliver great service…
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professional workspace

Your crib, cafe or coworking space – which is the right professional workspace for you?

As a freelancer or contractor you have the freedom to work exactly where you want. Your office is where you lay your laptop, so effectively any destination can be your…
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successful contractor

What makes a successful contractor or freelancer?

What makes a successful contractor or freelancer?   If we were able to provide a magic formula that instantly gave you the success you always dreamt of, we’d be very…
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Client testimonials and referrals-

Why client testimonials and referrals are so great and how to get more

Client testimonials and referrals We are all consumers, and at some point in our lives we’ve been wowed by super slick websites, seduced by a product’s ability to answer our…
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Intouch’s exclusive two free months special offer!

Great news! We are extending our special offer of two months' free accounting services plus no switcher fees for the whole of May! This offer runs from 1 - 31 May 2017,…
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Spring Budget 2017 – what contractors need to know

Following the Chancellor’s first and last Spring Budget on 8 March 2017, many will be thankful that the landscape has not changed more drastically. The Budget primarily confirmed the changes…
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‘Stable Brexit platform for a global Britain’ as Spreadsheet Phil delivers last Spring Budget

The Spring Budget 2017   Chancellor Hammond or “Spreadsheet Phil” as the Treasury call him, quietly delivered his 2017 Spring Budget today with a spring in his step and mischief…
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tax-free childcare

Good news for contractors with children: tax-free childcare has (almost) arrived

Back in 2013 the Government announced a new tax break for working parents, providing help with paying for much needed childcare.   In this blog we take a look at…
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ir35 public sector

IR35 textbooks and legislation aside: we’re all still guessing about the public sector

What the team at Intouch thinks will happen next It’s one thing to know the ins and outs of the legislation, and another to anticipate how everything will play out…
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