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Contractor advice: mortgages made easy

Unless you’re an expert in the area, the world of mortgages can seem like a minefield. With so many providers, terms, rates and industry jargon to get your head around,…
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How to get started as a contractor

How to get started as a contractor – Infographic

If you'd like to know what happens once you've joined Intouch as a Limited Company contractor, then take a look at our infographic to see how easy the steps are...
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A handy guide to contractor insurance

If you’re just starting out in contracting, you’ll no doubt have a long checklist of things you need to do before you can reach out to clients. One of these…
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Dedicated Personal Accountant Intouch Accounting

The importance of personal service

We’ve all been there: we call our bank, a service provider or company with a minor query, only to be passed through multiple departments and asked the same questions over…
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Working from home - what can you claim for?

Working From Home – what can you claim for?

If you use part of your home as an office, you may be able to lower your overall cost of doing business. Here we outline some of the things you…
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Working from home - where do you start?

Working From Home – where do you start?

Why work from home? Contracting and freelancing are fast becoming the choice career moves for more employees each year in the UK and it’s evident why. Being your own boss…
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Flexible working movement

The flexible working ‘movement’: where are we with it?

Today’s complex working landscape presents businesses with the challenge of meeting the demands of people with very different values, expectations and needs. Yet, they all seem to share a desire…
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Flexible working

Flexible working: Pros and cons

There’s no doubt that we’re now living in the era of flexible working. Of course, for contractors and freelancers, this trend of choosing how long, where and when you work…
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IR35 consultation

IR35 in the private sector – HMRC announces consultation

In last Autumn’s Budget, the government announced that it would consult on how to tackle non-compliance with IR35 rules in the private sector. On Friday, HMRC issued this eagerly-awaited consultation…
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IR35 - Don't Panic!

IR35: It’s controversial, it keeps changing, but it’s here to stay…

Our infographic takes you through the basics of IR35, for more information download the free guide.
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