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IR35 the Budget the Private Sector

IR35, the Budget and the Private Sector – a short story

There has been a lot of supposition lately about the Budget, IR35 and the Private Sector. But for those contractors who haven't been around for the whole saga, here's a…
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Can Limited Company contractors claim for Christmas party expenses?

Christmas party expenses The festive season will soon be upon us and whilst you may not officially start preparing for a few weeks to come, if you’re currently contracting in…
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successful contractor

Ask us anything!

Ever had a tax or accounting question that you've always wanted to ask an accountant, but didn't want to pay the associated hourly fee that comes with it? Well now…
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alphabet shares

What are alphabet shares and why do contractors need to be aware of them?

What are alphabet shares?   Limited Companies are traditionally formed with a nominal number of ordinary shares. As the company grows and more shareholders are added, alphabet shares are certainly…
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holiday and sick pay

Am I entitled to holiday and sick pay as a Limited Company contractor?

Holiday and sick pay - what is your entitlement? Taking time off work, whether it’s planned or otherwise is rarely an issue for permanent staff, as their pay is usually…
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What is the subsistence allowance for contractors?

What is the subsistence allowance for contractors? It’s a regular part of many contractors’ lives to travel away from home for business related purposes. This travel could be to and…
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Dividends – how often should I take them, and when are they actually taxed?

Dividends   Dividends can sometimes be difficult to understand and many contractors find themselves wondering when they should take them and when do they actually get taxed?   In this…
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Online accounting portal

Are you still using spreadsheets for your contractor accounting? It’s time to change

We know that as a contractor you’re busy, and even when you’re not, the last thing you want to be doing with your time is managing your accounts, whether that’s…
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Choosing the right contractor accountant

Contractor accountants – do you get what you pay for?

Not all Contractor Accountant services are the same. Regardless of whether you’re new to the contracting game or have already been playing awhile, at some point you’ll probably have considered…
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Contractor accountants

Do you have a direct line to your contractor accountant?

Imagine going to your doctor’s surgery, only to speak to an unqualified person who can’t help and can only pass your questions onto a doctor as and when they’re free.…
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