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Intouch Accounting wins Best Contractor Accountant (Small/Medium) in the ContractorUK reader Awards 2017

Everyone at Intouch is delighted to hear that our clients have voted us ‘Best Contractor Accountant (Small/Medium)' in the ContractorUK Reader Awards 2017, retaining our title from last year. This…
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contractor freedom

The pros and cons of a Limited Company for a contractor

After much deliberation, you’ve decided to go it alone and set up as a contractor. You’ve polished your CV and LinkedIn profile and have started looking for your first contract,…
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Contractor confidence

Start contracting with confidence in 2018

Starting a long-term career as a contractor or freelancer in 2018 has become more attractive than during any time in the last two years. If you’re looking for independence and…
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today's Budget

Autumn Budget: Real Contractors get a green light to increase productivity from a Budget made to measure?

Has Chancellor Hammond helped or hurt the flexible workers in the UK?   Did he try and make a silk purse from a sow’s ear or did he merely pull…
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Autumn Budget

The Autumn Budget – the hardest to predict yet?

With the Tories suffering serious blows in the Election, Brexit negotiations under strain and constant political in fighting, predicting what will be in the Budget is tough this time around.…
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IR35 the Budget the Private Sector

IR35, the Budget and the Private Sector – a short story

There has been a lot of supposition lately about the Budget, IR35 and the Private Sector. But for those contractors who haven't been around for the whole saga, here's a…
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Can Limited Company contractors claim for Christmas party expenses?

Christmas party expenses The festive season will soon be upon us and whilst you may not officially start preparing for a few weeks to come, if you’re currently contracting in…
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successful contractor

Ask us anything!

Ever had a tax or accounting question that you've always wanted to ask an accountant, but didn't want to pay the associated hourly fee that comes with it? Well now…
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alphabet shares

What are alphabet shares and why do contractors need to be aware of them?

What are alphabet shares?   Limited Companies are traditionally formed with a nominal number of ordinary shares. As the company grows and more shareholders are added, alphabet shares are certainly…
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holiday and sick pay

Am I entitled to holiday and sick pay as a Limited Company contractor?

Holiday and sick pay - what is your entitlement? Taking time off work, whether it’s planned or otherwise is rarely an issue for permanent staff, as their pay is usually…
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