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tax yearend 2015/16

Are you ready for the 2015/16 tax yearend and beyond?

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5 April 2016 marks the end of the current tax year. The run up to this date is the perfect time to take stock of your personal income and Capital Gains and think about whether planning your overall tax liabilities for the current year will reduce your tax bill.

6 April 2016 signifies not only the new tax year but also the start of substantial changes to dividends, expenses and the likely demise of the traditional Umbrella company.

To help you prepare and plan ahead for the next tax year, download our ebrief to understand:

  • what changes are around the corner
  • what you should be doing now…advice for all contractors and freelancers
  • what you should be doing now….specific advice to Limited Company contractors
  • General considerations – for all contractors and freelancers

Make sure you’re aware of what’s to change come April 6, how it will affect you and what you can do to prepare.

Download our full guide: Are you ready for the end of the 2015/16 tax year to ensure you’ve considered introducing strategies to minimise your tax for both the current year and also throughout 2016/17.

If you’re an Intouch client your Personal Accountant will help you with all of this as part of your all inclusive monthly fee.