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Borrowing company money

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As a Limited Company director taking money from the company requires some consideration, as the company is a legal entity in its own right. There are also a number of points to remember, to ensure you remain compliant and understand the consequences of taking money from your company.


In this guide we explore:

  •  the facts behind a director’s loan account (DLA)
  • what a director’s loan account is
  • what it means when a director’s loan account is overdrawn
  • if interest can be charged on loans
  • what the negatives of an overdrawn DLA are
  • if these rules apply to anyone other than a director
  • if there’s a way to offset the directors loan accounts
  • director loan accounts and IR35
  • dividends and the directors loan account
  • what the dangers of illegal dividends are and an overdrawn DLA
  • if an overdrawn loan account can be written off by the company


If you are considering borrowing company money then why leave it to chance? Download the full guide now.