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Business risk, personal protection and insurances

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Running any business always comes with a certain level of risk, so for serious contractors having the correct business insurance policy in place is an essential part of their contracting toolbox. Whether it’s professional indemnity insurance to cover the risk of making a mistake, employer and public liability or business contents insurance, most Limited Company contractors have some form of insurance in place. Also whilst this is a conscious decision of the individual, some contracts may even require that you have insurance in order to accept the work, so it’s always worth having a policy in place and being prepared.

Make sure you choose the right cover for you. In this guide we look closer at:

  • business risks, personal protection and insurances…are you covered?
  • the risks to your business
  • the risks to you as an individual
  • what you should do
  • the role of a specialist contractor accountant

Download our guide: Business risk, personal protection and insurances to understand what types of cover are available to you, and which you should choose to best suit your personal needs.