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choose the best for you - go limited

Choose the best for you – go Limited

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Choose the best for you – go Limited

The possibilities of contracting are truly endless, as you are the master of your own destiny. But how do you know what your choices are and how to make the right ones, to ensure you get the most and best from contracting?


Start by asking yourself which type of professional are you? If you can identify with any of the following, then this ebrief is for you:

• A permanent employee who wants to earn more for their skills through contracting

• An Umbrella contractor who wants more from contracting

• A Limited Company contractor unsure if your service provider is putting your best interests first


This ebrief looks at the ways in which you, as a contractor can make the right decisions, to make the most from the opportunities that are available to you. No accounting jargon, confusing scenarios or tough decisions – just simplicity and clarity on what it means to contract through your own Limited Company.

We want you to choose the right options for you, so that you have the professional career you’ve always dreamt of.