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Combining salary with dividends

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As a Limited Company contractor you’ll have the benefits and flexibility of being able to combine a base level of salary with dividend payments in a tax efficient way.

So how do you go about maximising your take home pay whilst keeping what’s yours and only paying the taxman what’s rightfully his?

In this guide we look at:

  • what a salary is
  • the choices in which level of salary to pay
  • what are the rates of National Insurance if your salary is above the threshold?
  • what a dividend is
  • dividend tax vouchers
  • why “profit after tax” is an important figure
  • why shareholding determines who gets paid the dividend
  • why every company has its own share structure
  • the classes of share
  • dividends and tax planning
  • deferring tax payment dates with dividends
  • personal taxation liabilities arising from dividends
  • how higher rate tax or additional rate tax is calculated

Don’t leave it to chance and make the mistake of missing out on maximising your take home pay. Download our guide: Combining salary with dividends now.