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Autumn Statement summary 2015

Intouch Accounting – Autumn Statement Summary 2015

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Autumn Statement summary 2015

On Wednesday 25th November 2015 George Osborne presented the first Autumn Statement of this Parliament. In it he also revealed his Spending Review which unveiled a series of unexpected announcements. So what exactly did the Chancellor say and what does it actually mean for contractors? Our Autumn Statement summary looks at the facts. But we know you’ll be most interested in making sense of possible future changes. We’ve applied our years of experience and industry expertise to analyse what’s happening with IR35 and T&S, the role of supervision, direction and control (SDC) and our best prediction of where they are heading.


Our ebrief will help you demystify Government’s proposals and help you make sense of changes ahead. We work with contractors every day and keep our finger on the pulse of changes affecting contractors. We make sense of what is likely to be implemented and rationalise the suggestions.


Download our Autumn Statement summary and then speak to us about joining Intouch today.