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Outgrown your Umbrella company?

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If you’re just dipping your toe into contracting and unsure if it’s a long term career solution for you, then an Umbrella company can be the perfect solution to begin with. But what happens when you decide that you’re serious about contracting and want to make the most from your take home pay, or if the contracts you are applying for are requiring you to become Limited?

This guide explores what happens when you’ve outgrown your Umbrella, primarily focusing on:

  • what a Limited Company structure can offer that an Umbrella can’t
  • a trading structure that is a legal entity in its own right
  • employment allowance
  • being VAT registered under the Flat Rate Scheme (FRS)
  • how to maximise your business expenses and increase take home pay
  • the long term benefits when you cease to contract
  • what happens when you own a business with your civil partner or spouse
  • reduced professional fees
  • limited liability – commercial protection
  • flexibility – pensions and income protection
  • Agency Worker Regulations (AWR)
  • how being Limited really makes sense!

Download the guide: Outgrown your Umbrella? to see just how much better off you could be by becoming Limited. It really is the most sensible option for serious contractors!