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Paying yourself a wage – Limited Company dividends

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Knowing how much you can pay yourself through the payment of dividends as a Limited Company contractor is a common question many of our clients have. What are they, how are they allocated, and what effect does timing have on them? It’s important to ensure that your trusted contractor accountant can guide you through the complexities of dividends, to ensure that you can reduce the amount of income payable tax.

In this guide we look at the following tax saving opportunities that are available to you:

  • What is a dividend?
  • Who is entitled to receive a dividend?
  • Profit after tax
  • Accumulated profits and losses
  • When are dividends received?
  • Paying tax on dividends
  • How is higher rate tax or additional rate tax calculated?
  • Illegal dividends
  • Dividends and tax planning
  • Deferring tax with dividends
  • What if I want my children to hold shares?
  • Settlements legislation
  • Dividends and other companies
  • Limited Company dividends in conclusion

Download our guide: Paying yourself a wage now to ensure you are making the most from your take home pay, and that you’re paying the correct amount of income tax.