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ready, set, go into contracting

Ready, set go…into contracting

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Starting up as a contractor is an exciting, but often daunting time. Where do you start, what’s involved and how do you even know if contracting is for you? It’s important you’re able to answer these questions from the outset, so that you’re fully prepared for a career in contracting.


In this ebrief we explore:

  • what is a contractor?
  • permanent vs contracting – which direction is right for you?
  • so contracting is for you – but where do you start?
  • which trading model should you choose?
  • going Limited, using an Umbrella company and becoming a sole trader – what’s involved and how to get started
  • what you need to be aware of – IR35, supervision, direction or control
  • how to manage clients
  • the services you may need
  • the successful contractor checklist


From choosing which trading model suits you best, to top tips on how to manage your clients, our ebrief has all the information you’ll need when first starting out in contracting. Download the ebrief today and get started on your journey to contracting success.