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Real Time Information

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What is Real Time Information (RTI) and how does it affect Limited Company contractors? What is the penalty regime and what are the implications for contractors?

For total clarity and understanding of the issues surrounding RTI, download our guide: Real Time Information to understand:

  • what RTI is and why it was introduced
  • what RTI actually means for employers
  • are there any downsides?
  • what returns are required
  • full payment submission (FPS)
  • Employers Payment Submission (EPS)
  • penalties for late returns
  • if RTI applies to the self-employed without any employees
  • how RTI affects contractors operating through their own company
  • spouse / partner wages
  • Directors National Insurance
  • end of year changes, bonuses and clearing DLA’s
  • what needs to entered on the FPS return under RTI and when it should be submitted
  • correcting mistakes and making final decisions
  • tax credits and benefits