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Take home gold with Intouch Accounting

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Take home gold with Intouch Accounting

Whether you’re already contracting through an Umbrella company, in permanent employment and ready to take the leap into contracting, or unhappy with your current accountant, our ebullets cover tips and hints to help you maximise your take home pay.


We look at:

  • why going Limited is the right choice for serious contractors
  • expenses – how to take home more by making use of the range of claimable expenses
  • what to do if your current accountant is costing you money and how to appoint the right contractor accountant for you


These ebullets give you the freedom to choose which options are right for you. No accounting jargon or confusing information, just plainspoken advice and support to help you make the right choices for you.

We want you to be as succcesful as you can, by ensuring youe taking home what’s rightfully yours as a contractor.