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Travel expenses 1: Claiming business travel expenses

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Claiming all legitimate expenses as a Limited Company contractor is by far the simplest way to reduce your tax bill set against your income. Usually for contractors travel is the biggest expense they encounter, so ensuring that the maximum amount they can claim for travel and subsistence is usually at the top of their expenses list.

Sometimes though contractors fail to claim everything they’re entitled to. Why does this happen? Is it because the rules surrounding travel and subsistence claims can be confusing? In this guide we set out to explore and demystify:

  • if you’re missing out on claiming all your business travel expenses
  • what qualifies as a business journey
  • if your temporary workplace has become permanent
  • which business journeys are allowable and which aren’t
  • what business travel expenses actually are

Download our guide: Claiming business travel expenses to understand fully what you can claim when it comes to travel and subsistence, and how to do it legitimately with the help of your contractor accountant.