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Travel expenses 3 : Cars & motorcycle mileage claims

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Do you know exactly what you can claim for when travelling on a business journey in a vehicle? Are you using your own car or motorcycle? Do you know what options are available to you?

Many contractors who use their own car or motorcycle may be missing out on claiming for the expenses they are entitled to. In this guide we identify:

  • if you have a personally owned car or motorcycle, are you claiming all the business travel expenses that you’re entitled to?
  • how to record and claim for mileage and vehicle expenses when on a business journey
  • travelling by ‘vehicle’ on a business trip
  • the different vehicle charges  and how it works in the real world
  • Benefits in Kind
  • how to calculate the mileage claim
  • how to calculate approved mileage allowance payments (AMAPs)
  • motorbike and car mileage rates
  • VAT and mileage claims

Make sure you claim for what you’re entitled to legitimately and correctly. Download our guide: Car and motorcycle expenses for contractors now.