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Travel expenses 4: Travelling and subsistence claims for contractors

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Are you a conscientious contractor that rides a bicycle to work, or do you commute by van or motorbike? Did you know that travel expenses are not limited to cars and that you are also entitled to claim for your expenses?

In this guide we look at the following points:

  • Taxable benefits or not?
  • What about company owned motorbikes?
  • What happens when you use your motorbike for both business and private journeys?
  • Bicycles
  • Vans
  • What’s the definition of a van?
  • What is the Benefit in Kind charge?
  • Are there any reductions in the Benefit in Kind charge?
  • The provision of fuel

Download our guide: Contractor’s guide to claiming motorbike, bicycle and van expenses to see exactly what you can claim and if it’s susceptible to any Benefits in Kind.