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Cloud based portal

We show you just how easy it is to use our cloud-based portal

Watch our video to see how easy it is to update and view your records 24/7 on our cloud-based portal. See how this information is brought together so your Personal Intouch Accountant can create your accounts.

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Portal demo

Portal Demo Video – Intouch Accounting

With Intouch you get a cloud based accountancy solution, accessible to you 24/7. With the expert advice and support from your Personal Accountant, all your accountancy needs are taken care of for a fixed monthly fee. Watch our short video to see how the portal can make your life easier and request your free demo today.

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Introduction to Intouch

What do you get for your fixed monthly fee? Does it cover both personal and business needs? View our short introduction to Intouch Accounting video to explain what’s included in your accountancy fee and the level of service that you can expect from us.

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Changing accountant

Changing your accountant doesn’t have to be difficult. View our video for answers to ‘how do I change’ and ‘when is the best time to change?’ We advise whether it’s right for you and the simple steps to make the move.

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Maximise take home pay

Understand the differences between operating as a Limited Company and as an Umbrella worker. Listen to our video where we will explain the advantages for both options and find out our recommendations to help you maximise your take home pay.

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Starting a Limited Company

Start your Limited Company on the right foot. We will answer your questions, give you advice and help you from day one. Let us worry about starting your company, it’s what we do. Our video highlights some of the questions we are asked.

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What is IR35? What does it do? View our short video to understand the consequences for contractors and freelancers of getting IR35 wrong, and find out what you need to do to protect yourself and reduce your risk.

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