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Reviews, awards and case studies

Don’t just take our word for it…

Our mission is to provide the very best specialist contractor accounting service to our clients – and the best way to judge how we’re doing is by looking at feedback from those clients.

We’re proud to say 50% of all our contractors have been referred to us by a friend or colleague, and we’ve won ‘Best Contractor Accountant’ in the ContractorUK Reader Awards for three years running.

Don’t just take our word for it – read reviews and case studies here.



Case Studies

"I’m impressed Intouch have won awards. The accountants are a team and the service is seamless"

Steve Lawrence – IT Healthcare

Steve Lawrence deals with electronic patient records as a Deployment and Implementation Consultant in the IT Healthcare sector. He joined Intouch as a new client after previously being employed through an Umbrella company, and was made aware of us via various specialist IT Contractor forums and websites. Having read good things about the service we offer, Stephen decided to contact one of our Personal Accountants to find out more.

After discussing his situation and options, Steve was sold on Intouch’s promise of personal service and good advice and was impressed that we’ve received awards for our service too.

Since he’s joined, Stephen has found the online portal “clear and easy to understand” and proclaims that Intouch Accountants are “a team, and the service seamless.” Going forward as a long-term client, we’re here to assist with Stephen’s primary intentions: for all his taxes to be paid on time and to offer quick and easy access to sound advice and solutions.

"They made me aware of IR35 and check my contracts to make sure I comply"

Nancy Willacy – User Experience (UX)

Nancy Willacy joined Intouch as a new client. She works in user experience (UX), which is mainly concerned with making sure real people are considered in the design and development of digital products.The job is varied and includes doing user research, information architecture, content design and testing products clients have built.Nancy had never contracted before and wasn’t confident about handling finances, so it was important for her to be working with a company who talked to her like a human being, and without endless jargon.

She spent a month or so looking for solutions before settling with Intouch. (Interestingly Nancy heard about us via her NCT group!). The idea of direct contact with an actual accountant rather than an account manager, or liaison person appealed to her.

Intouch also assisted in setting up her limited company, which she found really helpful, as she wasn’t sure about navigating that process on her own.Overall, Nancy has found that Intouch makes her life much easier. When she has a query, she simply drops her Personal Accountant a line and he helps her out.

“They made me aware of IR35 and check my contracts to make sure I comply. It’s just so good to have access to someone with all the answers. It takes so much stress out of starting out as a contractor. I feel like I have an ally.”

"My Personal Accountant is extremely helpful. The extra service I get confirms I’ve made the right decision"

George Georgiou – Financial Services

George Georgiou is a self-employed consultant operating at both senior programme and project management levels. He joined as a new client when a friend recommended Intouch and in particular, the Personal Accountant he was dealing with.After an initial conversation with the accountant, George decided to sign up; “He was extremely helpful and provided me with advice prior to joining, regarding payments not directly related to my business.”

The online portal was another positive aspect for him, as he finds it “User friendly, very simple to manage the month end process and with everything in one place.”

George was also introduced to Kingsbridge, Intouch’s affiliate contractor insurance company, so he was able to discuss his individual insurance needs too. Overall George has found that his life has been made easier with Intouch.

"Quick response times and the online system are two aspects that work well for me."

Neil Cheetham – Financial Services

Neil contracts in a wide variety of jobs, ranging from risk management through to technical actuarial reporting roles. He discovered the Intouch website through an online search and decided that as a new customer “One of the reasons for joining was that the range of services on offer seemed to meet my needs.”

Before becoming a client, Neil had a discussion with one of our Personal Accountants who helped to explain the aspects of working through a Limited Company, and highlighted the support given to new clients creating and registering a company.

As well as the helpful nature of the team, there have been many other plus points for Neil including “The ability to raise any questions and have them answered with quick responses.”

He also adds “The service has been flexible and wider than I envisaged. For example, although I didn’t use the Umbrella company service, I know it exists. And I found the IR35 review of my first contract very helpful.”