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Your needs are unique - so are our accounting solutions

When looking for a contractor accountant it can seem as though everyone is offering a similar package, so how do you decide which is the right one for you?

At Intouch Accounting we know that one size never fits all when you're looking for the perfect fit, and that's exactly why we don't keep you within a bronze, silver or gold package structure.

Everyone benefits from our Intouch Core award winning service which provides everything you need to contract smoothly from an accounting point of view for just £105+VAT per month.

Should you also need any of our optional extras we've now introduced the ability to pick 'n mix, so you can have exactly the service you need without paying for the things you don't.

Speak to our team today to get one month free plus no switcher fees, or take a look below to see how our included and optional extras can complement your contracting needs.

One2One - included in Intouch Core

Your personalised tax health check





When looking for personalised advice that goes above and beyond day to day support, Intouch’s One2One is here for you!

From the moment you become an Intouch client you’re able to request your personal One2One with your dedicated accountant twice a year. One2One is included in the monthly price of £105+VAT, and will provide you with a detailed financial and fiscal review of your personal and business affairs. We will match your circumstances and aspirations with a range of solutions - any 'housekeeping' is included free of charge and we may also offer you solutions that would involve an additional cost. This format means you have total freedom to choose what's right for you, and you don't have to pay for solutions you're not interested in.

The One2One has been designed to help our clients identify ways of improving their tax profile and beyond, giving you a clearer picture of what you could achieve long term. Click here for more detailed information about how One2One works, or to speak to an expert adviser get in touch today.

Add optional extras to the Intouch Core package

Only ever pay for what you need




FreeFlex – Pay for Limited and get Umbrella as well

Get seamless flexibility with our FreeFlex solution that allows you to swap between Intouch Core and Intouch Umbrella, as and when your contract needs it.

Read more today or get in touch to speak to an expert adviser.

Intouch+ – Let us take care of your bookkeeping needs

Why spend your precious time doing accounting tasks when they can be delegated to us? Add bookkeeping to your Intouch Core package and let Intouch take care of it for you.

Read more about what's included in the Intouch+ package or get in touch to speak to an expert adviser.

Intouch Connect – Integrate your preferred accounting software

If you are joining Intouch and want to bring your existing accounting software with you, we can integrate this with the rest of our systems. Whether you currently prefer FreeAgent or Xero, or want to talk to us about other software, you can choose to use that software instead of the Intouch portal, or alongside it.

Read more today or get in touch to speak to an expert adviser.


You are educating me more in the running of my business than my previous accountants ever did. I feel that I have a much closer understanding of how and where the business is at any given time and the portal is fantastic.
Stuart Green - SG Consultancy (Northern) Ltd,