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Find out how you can take home at least an extra £6,000 a year

The Umbrella model is under attack from HMRC as the Government tightens its grip on expenses and National Insurance payment. In 12 months’ time, under the current Umbrella model, tax relief for expenses will only be given via a personal tax return claim. It’s also the case that Employer’s National Insurance will then be payable on reimbursement expenses putting margin pressure on Umbrellas, unless they pass it on. A wider debate about the complete removal of relief for T&S still goes on and Umbrella workers could see it removed in whole or part during 2016. Umbrella workers will have to do a personal tax return to claim tax relief on expenses: Ouch!

Calculate how much better off you could be

Use our free Take Home Pay comparison calculator to see how much better off you could be in 2015 by forming your own Limited Company…and then imagine 2016 being even better!

Simply input an estimate for your salary and the fees billed to your client and find out how much better switching to Limited Company contracting is for you.

Still not sure if going Limited is right for you?

Here’s some reasons to go Limited:

  • Take control of the way you reward yourself
  • Maximise tax relief on expenses
  • Reduce National Insurance bills
  • Enjoy all the freedoms of being Limited AND have more take home pay

Check out our guide for freelancers and contractors: Limited Company, Umbrella or Sole Trader – which is right for you? Or call us on 01202 912464 to chat through your options and work out what is best for your circumstances.

A good time to consider your options

Limited Company solutions continue to provide even greater clarity of treatment, more certainty over tax allowances and continued freedom for contractors and freelancers, compared to Umbrellas. In 2015 you could take home more money, enjoy more freedom and less risk. For example…

If your day rate is £200 you could take home an extra c£6,000 per year

If your day rate is £400 you could take home an extra c£12,000 per year

I was ignorant of my accounts for too long and didn’t give them the respect they deserved. I’ve been with a few accounting firms over the years and previous accountants I’d been with didn’t have the time or interest to help me out of my mess.
Michael Garde – Katali Ltd,,