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Umbrella workers - explore your options for 2016

The current climate for Umbrella workers is changing and strict rules will be implemented by HMRC in April 2016. If you currently work under an Umbrella or are considering doing so, it's important to understand how you could lose out, how you'll be affected and which path you should take. Do you form your own Limited Company, return to permanent employment or stay with your Umbrella?

Explore your options to understand which is best for you, both personally and professionally. Take a look at our blog for a detailed understanding of the impending changes and how to best prepare, or use our free tool below to instantly calculate the benefit of being Limited. Alternatively, why not take a look at our Umbrella to Limited FAQs, to see the types of questions you may have?

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Calculate your Limited Company take home pay

The advantages of going Limited

Be in the know to make the right choice for you

There are so many benefits to going Limited and for serious contractors it really is the best solution for maximising your take home pay.

But how you do you know if Limited is for you? Well, if you're in contracting for 6 months+ and expect to earn £25,000p.a. then it's certainly worth considering. Benefits of being Limited include:

- Higher take home pay

- Increased tax efficiency

- Low personal financial risk

- Increased professional perception

- Greater employability

- Full control of financial decisions

- You are your own boss

Our ebrief: Limited Company or Umbrella - which is the right choice for you? examines the differences between an Umbrella and Limited Company and considers the benefits of each.

Ready to speak to an adviser? Give our team a call on 01202 375 562 or email them to talk through your options and how going Limited will benefit you.

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Sign up to the Intouch monthly service before 31 December 2017 and we will incorporate your new company and register it for free within 24 hours. Normal price is £105 + VAT so apply now and save £126! Call now and start contracting.

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