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Contractor insurance

Business insurance built just for you

When you provide services via your personal Limited Company it‘s very important to protect your assets and obtain adequate insurance. For almost all contractor and freelance professionals a requirement to be insured forms part of your contracts with clients, and it’s essential to be protected from the unexpected.

Intouch Accounting are delighted to recommend Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance to any Limited Company contractors looking for a complete business insurance solution.

Why does your company need business insurance?

If your actions as a contractor lead to property or reputation being damaged, injury to an individual, or financial loss to a client it may result in a claim against you or your company. Having appropriate protection in place makes business sense, gives you credibility and may keep you in business one day.

The message is simple: every Limited Company should have business insurance. Kingsbridge provide the policy you need at a level to suit.

What contractor insurance do you need?

Professional Indemnity

Protection if you are accused of professional negligence, which is making an error or omission, or giving bad advice that costs your client money. This provides cover for legal defence costs and if damages are awarded against you.

Public Liability

Protection when someone else is injured, or property is damaged, as a result of your actions whilst supplying services. At home or at a client’s premises you have a duty to protect those who may be affected by your activities. Failure to do so can result in having to pay compensation.

Employers' Liability

Protection of your company from any claims from employees. As employees are often only the contractor (you) and/or your spouse, the likelihood of a claim is remote. However many agencies or end clients still require it. It is also an indication of a genuine business for the purposes of being outside IR35.

Where can I buy the right insurance?

As a specialist contractor insurance provider, Kingsbridge offer a comprehensive, inexpensive and compliant insurance solution that is favoured by the majority of contractors. You could also contact an existing broker and compare the cover and prices before you finally decide.

One policy covers all your main risks and contract obligations.
The package includes:
Professional Indemnity Cover£1 million
Public Liability Cover£5 million
Employers’ Liability Cover£10 million
Plus additional benefits:
Personal Accident (weekly benefit)£500
Personal Accident (death benefit)£100,000
Directors’ and Officers’ Liability£100,000
Key benefits
One package, full cover
Includes Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Employers’ Liability
Personal Accident is included as standard
Key IR35 indicator
The policy is compliant with the majority of contract needs
Cover for previous work
Generous level of cover, competitively priced
Higher levels of control are available
Immediate access to a broker and policy documents
Wide range of payment options available

Contractor insurance

Kingsbridge can get you set up with comprehensive cover today. Get an quote online now. Or complete the form.

A Kingsbridge Insurance Adviser will be in touch with you in the next 60 minutes* or at a time to suit you to discuss your business insurance requirements and help you get set up. Or give them a call on 08456 430061.

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